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Shoehorning agile into fixed timelines.

Many people recognise the benefits of agile working practices: releasing early, failing early, continuous development – it’s not hard to understand why these might be a good idea. however, organisations may face difficultly implementing modern techniques when the underlying business functions operate in more traditional ways.

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Introduction to the RFV Model Recency - Frequency - Value.

So you’ve put together your first email newsletter, perfected the message content, and triple-checked your subject line. You hit Send and the email goes off to the entire subscriber base – it’s definitely going to lead to a 95% open rate, right?

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Iron Triangle Revisited.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be posting some thoughts about agile working practices in an agency environment. As a frame of reference, I thought it was worth revisiting an old friend.

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The biggest mistakes you're making with Adwords PPC.

By Rebecca-Louise Woods

Getting Google Adwords right could not be more crucial in terms of acquiring and converting traffic. Many marketers make the fatal error of assuming that they will have a successful campaign if they simply plough enough money into it and let it do its thing.

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Is Agile Always Better?

It’s fair to say that the popularity of Agile has been a positive shockwave throughout the digital sector; however, does a widespread understanding mirror this new awareness of Agile?

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