Shop London.

The Evening Standard.

The Brief.

To complement their existing Shop London weekend feature, the Independent wanted to create a shopping hub microsite to host the latest fashions and hottest trends for their online readers as well as a comprehensive product catalogue.

They requested a microsite with full content management and a wide range of functionality to make this a reality.


The Solution.

Using WordPress, we were able to design, build and deliver the Shop London microsite in just 3 weeks.

The Shop London microsite was built to host a number of different feature widgets, all of which could be managed in the content management system.

The main features were:

  • ‘The London List’ which focussed on what’s hot right now, with direct links to products on affiliate websites.
  • ‘The London Trend’; a gallery, which featured connected products, ample space for editorial content and product links.
  • ‘The London Best’ which listed all the ‘best’ tagged items for any product category.
  • Shop the Shoot’ that lets users find out which products are in their favourite fashion shoots.

Users could share content to an extensive range of social networks including Pinterest, Google + and Tumblr.

For the editorial team, they could control everything from the arrangement of the widgets on the homepage, to reflecting sale price cuts. The microsite was also capable of hosting 3rd party advertising.

A CMS guide was written to accompany a webinar training session to introduce the Independents editorial staff to the system.