Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef.


The Brief.

The Travel Trade Gazette is the UK’s top publication for travel agents and the travel and tourism industry.

Their latest promotion was offering agents a chance to win a fam trip to Queensland – an opportunity for the agents to get to grips with a location to aid them when selling. To enter, users needed be able to upload their images of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, vote for their favorite image, and share the images on social networks.


The Solution.

WeClick Media designed a microsite for the competition that sat within TTG’s own website.

The microsite gallery was built using infinity scrolling, loading the next collection of images once a user reaches a certain point on the page.

Users were able to sign up, log in, upload images and vote for their favorite images, and social network integration for facebook, twitter and Pinterest widened the visibility of the competition.

An approval system was set up in the back end to allow the team at TTG to monitor the uploaded images for safeguarding purposes.

Over 90 images were uploaded and displayed in a masonry style on the microsite, with the images is a Polaroid design with their caption and the name of the photographer.

Facebook comments were built in below the images to build a conversation around the images, with additional links to pin the images in Pinterest, tweet a link to the image, or like the image. On the image page, users could also see other images uploaded by the same photographer.